• 4.27.2017
    Unlocking the value in used smartphones

    The global market for trading used smartphones is worth around US$17bn. A staggering 120mn smartphones will be traded globally this year, each one being worth around US$140 on average. (Page 24)

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    Source: Communications Africa
  • 4.27.2017
    Smartphone re-use drives digital inclusion programme

    Facebook has appointed HYLA Mobile to collect high-end smartphones for re-distribution in emerging markets as part of its Smart Restart initiative. The programme seeks to underline the company’s commitment to sustainability while driving digital inclusion in underserved parts of the world. (Page 8)

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    Source: Northern Africa Wireless Communication
  • 4.17.2017
    Q&A: Biju Nair, President and CEO of HYLA Mobile

    Hiwot, the Editor of African Finance and Tech speaks to Biju Nair, President and CEO of HYLA Mobile about the work they are doing with Facebook, IoT in Africa and Smart Restart initiative.

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  • 3.8.2017
    The Apple iPhone release cycle remains a driver of the domestic device trade-in market, but HYLA Mobile sees growing opportunities in emerging markets.

    On this week’s “Carrier Wrap,” we speak with HYLA Mobile on the device trade-in market, what it sees in terms of trends as we move through 2017, and how it views the flow through of used devices into emerging markets.

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    Source: RCR Wireless News
  • 3.1.2017
    HYLA, Facebook Fuel Smartphone Uptake With Refurb Project

    Speaking to Connecting Africa at Mobile World Congress here, the CEO of HYLA Mobile Biju Nair explained how refurbishment programmes are fuelling uptake of smartphones in emerging economies.

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    Source: Connecting Africa
  • 1.10.2017
    The Holidays Open up Doors to Proper Device Security & Disposal

    The holiday season is upon us, and that means many of us will be purchasing new smartphones and other electronics for our friends, family, and even for business use. As we go down the path of phone replacement or new purchases, we need to also think about the proper disposal, trade-in, and securing of our replaced smartphones and the content that sits on the device, while making sure that we manage reclaiming residual monetary value of our old device. First thing we need to do is make sure we are protecting our personal and business data before we even begin the process of selling back, trading in, or recycling our smartphone devices.

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    Source: CIO Story
  • 11.10.2016
    Teaming up with Facebook to deliver more phones to frontline health workers

    Facebook and Medic Mobile have teamed up in delivering healthcare to the hardest-to-reach communities by getting more phones to frontline health workers. Facebook’s Smart Restart program provides an easy way to donate old mobile devices to be reused for globalizing the impact of non-profits. At Medic Mobile, we’ve seen the impact of putting a smartphone and the Medic Mobile app in the hands of a community health worker. The Smart Restart program will extend the reach of Medic Mobile’s impact, allowing us to overcome barriers for accessing high-quality devices and provide better support to people on the front lines of global health.

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    Source: Medic Mobile
  • 10.31.2016
    CEO Perspective and Lessons Learned: Process Automation and Device Lifecycle Management

    Process automation, machine learning, and IoT (Internet of Things) are playing a larger role in device lifecycle management, electronic recycling, and enterprise device trade-ins. Today, HYLA Mobile (a technology company focused on maximizing the residual value of mobile devices through optimized re-use working with carriers, OEMs, and other channels) continues to evaluate the ways emerging technologies and next generation solutions can support efficiencies, reduce manual labor, improve accuracy levels, and build intelligence into the company’s overall operations.

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    Source: CIOReview
  • 10.12.2016

    The GSMA today outlined the first details of the GSMA 2016 Mobile 360 Series – India conference, which will take place 25-26 October 2016 at the Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel and Residences in Gurgaon, India. The thought leadership conference is the latest addition to the GSMA Mobile 360 Series of global events, and the first major GSMA event in India. It will showcase the latest industry developments in the region and will feature executives and experts from leading mobile operators, ecosystem players and companies in adjacent sectors.

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    Source: GSMA
  • 10.11.2016
    Smartphone recycling is good for the enterprise

    As new mobile devices hit the market, consumers and companies discard old, but still usable, ones. Hyla Mobile touts the environmental and fiscal benefits of smartphone recycling.

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    Source: TechTarget