Mission Statement

HYLA Mobile exists to provide industry-leading technology, analytics and logistics solutions to help the mobile ecosystem maximize their sustainability efforts in a manner that builds exceptional value for customers and shareholders, while benefiting the environment.

Our Story

Who We Are

Led by a deeply experienced team, HYLA Mobile is a privately held, US-based technology company backed by several well-known and widely respected private equity and venture capital firms. We service the $17B secondary-use device market by focusing on technology rooted in automation, AI, and analytics — all with an uncompromising approach to quality, velocity, performance, data security and environmental standards. By maximizing device life and creating economic incentives for all participants in the ecosystem, we play a pivotal role in the development of the global economy and present incremental growth opportunities for carriers and business alike.

History of Innovation

HYLA Mobile is a pioneering leader in the wireless industry, with a history of delivering industry firsts. We own or have filed for a series of patents in logistics and lifecycle management of mobile phones and consumer electronics. From automated processing for returned wireless devices to diagnostics and tracking tools, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to maximize the value we provide to our customers.

Our Partners

At HYLA Mobile, we’ve been fortunate to partner with the very best, powering trade-in and logistics programs for industry-leading carrier operators, retailers and online partners throughout Europe and North America. In all, Hyla programs have reached over 250 million mobile customers in over 15,000 retail locations.

Together, HYLA Mobile and its partners are building a more prosperous and sustainable world, one mobile device at a time.

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