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  • What if each device had a second life?

  • What if each device had a second life?

    (or even a third?)

HYLA Mobile allows you to capitalize on the mobile lifecycle

HYLA Mobile offers a seamless mobile trade-in program with the fastest trade-to-sale capabilities that improve efficiency and increase profitability for your business.

With end-to-end solutions including a powerful analytics program focused on maximizing recovery value, HYLA Mobile helps you provide a delightful omni-channel device collection experience for your customers and further extend customer loyalty by optimizing supply and demand.


Software, technology, and automation are at the foundation of our process.

HYLA Mobile uses innovative on-device technologies and device-testing paired with leading software to assess device condition and clear personal data from devices. Automated reporting and analytics allow you to use business intelligence to develop a holistic view of your trade-in business performance.

Full-Service Trade-In Program

Powering the shared economy by providing high-quality, affordable devices, HYLA offers economic and ecological benefits across both emerging and developed markets.

With solutions that extend the life and optimize the value of idle mobile devices, HYLA Mobile gives people around the world the connecting power that changes lives while redirecting e-waste away from landfills.

Why Hyla?

Discover the impact of the extended mobile lifecycle:


  • Delivering connected experiences across 4 continents for 11+ years

  • Over 20,000 metric tons of e-waste diverted from landfills

Unlock the value of the mobile lifecycle

HYLA helps you create opportunity and generate financial value by extending the life of mobile devices.