HYLA Analytics is a powerful SaaS platform that drives data-driven market and business insights for running profitable trade-in, upgrade, warranty, and insurance programs. By applying analytics and machine learning to what was once a subjective and unpredictable market, you’ll now have a holistic view of your device lifecycle performance.

How it Works

Industry’s most complete mobile device secondary market insights and risk management solution allows you to easily access and analyze the latest market trends, historical performance and even future prediction from any device at any time through standardized web interface.


Buy Side INDEX

A comprehensive view into competitive market trends enables you to analyze the pricing of pre-owned mobile devices in order to propose pricing for your trade-in and upgrade programs.


Sell Side INDEX

A comprehensive view into device values for the retail and secondary market enables you to understand the global dynamic and make the most optimal disposition decision for your inventory.

Risk Management

Predictive Pricing Analytics:

Predicting pricing provides you with the unprecedented insight into future inventory values, installment plan pricing trends and risk, insurance residual values, and future trade-in prices of pre-owned devices.

Business Insights:

Business Insights puts performance and KPIs at management’s fingertips, providing user penetration rates, store productivity rates, pricing discrepancies, and sales associate performance.

Operational Insights:

A comprehensive analysis of trade-in program performance allowing you to visualize complete device processing workflow at each process step from the point of acquisition to the point of resale while enabling a highly useful inventory management processes.


SaaS subscriptions and/or dynamic data feed delivery can be customized to address your most elusive business objectives. You’ll be able to track your progress in order to drive better promotions, upgrades, and trade-ins while strengthening customer relationships.


Omni-Channel Device Collection

HYLA’s Device Collection solutions allow you to efficiently manage the collection and processing of devices that flow through your trade-in, upgrade, warranty, and insurance programs. Whether you need solutions for your retail stores, dealer network, ecommerce site, telesales reps or your mobile app, our solutions adeptly manage the complexity across all channels.


How It Works

Our omni-channel platform provides a multitude of avenues to receive devices for all of your programs providing all of the functionality needed including device inspection, pricing, customer credit, shipping, processing, warehousing and sales solutions.

Whether the customer starts the transaction from your branded mobile app using our embedded components, on your web site, through a call center or in a store, our platform provides a simple and convenient solution.

Key features include:

  • Components built to easily integrate with all available channels
  • Simple device evaluation to guide users through the process
  • Comprehensive pricing system with live market feeds to ensure ongoing maintenance of competitive market pricing for pre-owned devices
  • Verification of the customer eligibility
  • Customized retail and sales support programs including market campaigns, sales training, and dedicated field staff support
  • Carrier-class device processing, data clear and repair
  • Fully outsourced device resale service that maximizes the resale price of devices through our global sales channels


The HYLA platform is fully integrated with multiple branded applications, POS systems, billing systems, and back-office management systems, reporting platforms and warehouse inventory systems allowing us to provide the level of integration and visibility into the process that meets your expectations.

To support customer’s omni-channel solutions, we provide:


A white label application customized with your branding for a quick and easy way to extend an existing trade-in program directly to your customer’s device.


SDK designed to integrate with any customer care application to create a cohesive user experience and drive higher user adoption of any utility app.


Cloud-enabled apps connected to the rest of the HYLA technology, such as point-of-sale, in-store, and back-office processing to further improve your trade-in business performance.


The HYLA Dock can be integrated within your POS system for an optimized in-store experience.


Device Trade-In Solutions

HYLA provides a true turnkey trade-in program for wireless carriers, retailers, OEMs, MVNOs, ecommerce merchants, and insurance providers designed to maximize program profitability and customer satisfaction. HYLA’s Device Trade-In Solution has been powering programs for the world’s largest carriers since 2009.


How It Works

Key features of the device-trade program include:

  • Simple device evaluation to guide store sale staff through the trade-in process
  • Comprehensive pricing system with live market feeds to ensure ongoing maintenance of competitive market pricing for pre-owned devices
  • Verification of the customer eligibility for trade-in or lease program turn in
  • Customized retail and sales support programs including market campaigns, sales training, and dedicated field staff support Carrier-class device processing, data clear and repair
  • Fully outsourced device resale service that maximizes the resale price of devices through our global sales channels

The HYLA Process

Our solution accounts for every possible scenario includes evaluating the device condition, pricing, customer eligibility, device logistics, processing, repair, warehousing, inventory management and device resale.

1 Receiving

Devices matched to automated shipping records to ensure all expected devices are received and boxes are inspected to confirm that no damage has occurred in shipping. Devices are checked with serialized tracking to ensure safety throughout the process.

2 Data Sanitizing

Leading-edge software is used to clear personal data from consumers’ devices. SIM and memory cards are removed, secured, and shredded. Automated tools allow multiple devices to be wiped simultaneously.

3 Inspection

An efficient combination of automated tests and manual review, followed by Quality Control checks, ensure the most accurate grading possible. Together with random “final QA inspections” these processes ensure that all critical steps have been completed and the device is truly ready for sale.

4 Warehousing

Devices ready for redistribution are sorted and stored in a secure hub.

5 Resale

We re-sell and distribute your pre-owned inventory through our global resale channels, achieving the highest recovery rates in the market.

6 Recycle

When devices are found to be beyond repair all reusable parts are recovered and the device is responsibly recycled.


The HYLA device trade-in program offers a front-end system that integrates with:


Retail POS systems, billing systems, and back-office management systems


Dedicated Warehouse management systems to maximize returns on your inventory


Device Processing and Liquidation

HYLA specializes in processing, repairing, and liquidating mobile devices collected through your trade-in, upgrade, warranty, and insurance programs. Our solution assures that you will achieve industry-leading recovery values for your device inventory.


How it Works

HYLA’s complete processing and liquidation solution allows you to quickly set up and drive the adoption of your trade-in and turn-in programs. End-to-end processing and liquidation solutions manage the device shipping logistics from the collection point, device processing, data clear, repair, parts salvaging, warehousing/inventory management, and device resale.

Key features of the process include:

  • Coordination of shipping from the POS location to HYLA’s processing centers
  • Verification of carton receipt and package damage inspection
  • Carrier-class, automated device processing, grading and data clear
  • Device repair, parts salvaging and recycling
  • Fully integrated warehouse management systems maximize inventory turns and track devices at the serial level
  • Device resale service that maximizes the resale prices of devices through HYLA’s global sales channels
  • Comprehensive set of reporting and analytics providing a transparent view into each step of the device processing and liquidation life cycle


The processing and liquidation solution is based on HYLA’s proprietary technology that automates processes to minimize subjectivity, ensure full process transparency, and maximize the velocity from receipt to sale.

The HYLA Integration Gateway offers a full set of API’s to integrate into our customer’s inventory and supply chain systems to enable visibility and tracking into transactions.


Device Insurance Solutions

HYLA delivers cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology for insurance carriers and handset protection providers, allowing you to dramatically expand your customer base while significantly reducing fraud risk.


How It Works

The HYLA Device Insurance solution significantly reduces the risk of fraud by creating evergreen, open enrollment for mobile device insurance. It’s a unique solution enabling you, the mobile device insurance provider, to greatly expand your market, reaching new device owners who previously declined coverage at the initial time of purchase. How does it work?

  • Our patented diagnostics software remotely analyzes and verifies the working condition of the device
  • HYLA’s advanced screen diagnostics identifies whether a screen is cracked or not, virtually eliminating the single largest risk of fraud
  • Enables open enrollment and targeted post-purchase programs without the need for a physical device inspection in store with the on-device solution


HYLA Diag™ is available in two form factors:

Web Diag™ solution is a web-based option that allows the diagnostics to be executed directly through the phone’s browser, which can be run off a website, via SMS, email, or seamlessly integrated in your current web-app customer flow

Diag SDK can be integrated into a native app

Both solutions utilize the same powerful diagnostic engine and Artificial Intelligence, with the SDK providing additional functionality. Additional features include:

Configurable workflows including Device Assessment, Price Quotes by Device Model, Insurance Eligibility, Real-time reporting, Authentication, and more

Completely Customizable interface can be easily configured including branding/colors, language, instructions

HYLA Cloud enabled tracking and auditing of device assessments and transactions

Certifications & Policies

HYLA Mobile’s processing facility in La Vergne,TN is currently certified to ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and R2:2013. R2:2013 empowers HYLA to work around the world within a systematic, organized framework of best practices. This is one of only two electronic recycling standards in the world. R2:2013 provides peace of mind to our customers, business partners, and employees because it brings to life our environmental values, customer focus, and forward thinking business acumen.

HYLA Mobile operates under a comprehensive QEHS policy. To learn more about our current R2:2013, ISO and OHSAS certifications, or our EHSMS Policy, click on the links below.